受惠修生訪問農村貧戶 (河北)
Scholarship seminarians visiting rural villagers (HeBei, China)

農村受惠小學生 (山西)
Elementary school scholarship students (Shanxi, China)

義工探訪受惠學生 (河北)
Volunteer visiting with scholarship students (HeBei, China)


ZhiGuang Golden Snail Training Center, Jinan, China

Established in 2004 to provide vocational job skills training for adults with learning disabilities, the center was the first non-profit charity in Jinan City. As there were few government resources available in this aspect, the Center has become a resource for studies and internships for the local colleges.
智光啟能中心成立於2004年,專為成年智障人士培訓專業技能,是中國大陸濟南市第一間民營的非營利公益機構;在缺乏政府資源 投入的情況下,一路走來,已成為附近大學社工系的短期實習及學習場所。

Marriage Encounter China

For decades, trained volunteers of CSCNACC have been sponsoring Marriage Encounter workshops for local married couples in many cities and towns in China with great success. Working with local couples to teach effective communication and compromise in a relationship, our volunteers also train local couples to host and lead ME workshops on their own.
多年來,「北美仁愛基金」的義工曾多次前往中國大陸,指導並舉辦當地的夫婦懇談會,分享夫妻間如何真誠溝通及互相接納的方法與經驗, 並培訓當地的分享及領導夫婦。

Emergency Disaster Assistance

A collaboration program with the Jinde Charities, China, funds will provide emergency assistance for disaster affected families in rural areas of China.
此項目為「北美仁愛基金基金」與「河北進德公益社」的合作項目之一。旨在幫助在地震、颱風、洪水等自然災害中受到傷害或危險的家庭、 尤其對老者及幼兒或殘疾者,提供必要的援助。

Angely Music Program

Aiming at promoting music education for low-income families, this program offers free group classes for children 5-7 to inspire their interest in music. High school students are trained to teach in these classes.
推廣 Santa Clara County社區低收入家庭音樂教育, 對象為5-7歲孩童, 提供免費團體音樂班, 以啓迪孩童對音樂的愛好. 並培訓音樂老師, 邀請高中生参與師資培訓。

An Egg a Day for the Elderly

Elderly single residents in the rural areas have been benefitted by this program as of Spring, 2017. Another collaborative program with China Jinde Charities, over six hundred seniors have received an egg for their breakfast daily. In addition to the supply of eggs, volunteers also provide living assistance and companionship according to each ones’ needs.
自從2017 年春季開始,「老人加雞蛋」項目正式開始。 此為「北美仁愛基金」與「河北進德公益基金會」的合作項目之一, 共有六百多河北及甘肅的年長老者接受早餐雞蛋及各項關懷,陪伴及服務。

At-Risk Youth Service Center, Taiwan

In this program, services are provided for at-risk youth aged 14-20 to navigate their issues and help them to transition into productive members of society. The youth we work with here may face problems including drug addiction, violent tendencies, pregnancy, self-injury, suicidal, sexual deviation, criminal records and other issues. We provide these adolescents with a safe and supportive space where they can start afresh. They can meet with social workers and volunteers by appointment or as available. In addition to therapies in behavior and psychological counselling, academic programs, and vocational training are also provided.
關懷14-20歲處在危險邊緣的青少年,包括中輟、翹家、吸毒、暴力、性行為放縱、偷竊、搶劫、自殺、自傷等社會問題的青少年, 陪伴他們在坎坷的生命中走過危機,繼續成長。為他們提供一個溫馨、自在、安全的地方-『惠爾飛YOUNG!舘』。在此邊緣青少年能藉著 定期或不定期的與社工、志工相遇,重新體驗一種不被批判的生命經驗,藉由談話、體驗活動、職業訓練、職業媒合、課業輔導等服務內容, 重建邊緣青少年與社會支持網絡的關係,修補其內在運作模式,以利於未來生活的改善。

Taiwan Good Shepherd Foundation

The Children’s Home in Hualian and the Girls’ Home in Taitung serve 24 grossly neglected children and 18 abandoned and battered teenage girls respectively. The fund from CSCNA Charity Corps will be used to provide basic living and housing, insurance coverage and health care, education and trauma treatment, and occupation training and independent living for Girls’ Home.
花蓮兒少之家及台東德蕾之家, 收容社會上被棄兒童及受虐少女, 本基金提供接待居留及醫療照顧, 以及職業訓練等方面之經費補助。

Taiwan Yu-Ren Child Development Center

For children born with physical and mental disabilities, Yu Ren Children’s Development Center as the pioneer in early childhood education in Taiwan, providing opportunities for education, daycare centers and job training facilities.

Ricci Social Services – Aids & Leprosy Services
利瑪竇社會服務 – 痲瘋及愛滋病患服務計畫

Based on the belief to build a society that offers equal opportunities for all, the Ricci Social Services is in 12 Chinese provinces operating 59 Leprosy Rehab centers and 5 AIDS Rehab centers. Their main goal is to build a place and a home where different people can meet with each other and become community – one where everybody gives and receives, i.e., a solidarity.
利瑪竇社會服務堅持要建立一個給予平等機會的社會, 幫助生活在貧困和社會邊緣的中國民眾,達致他們永續且美滿的社會經濟生活及 自給自足,能主宰自己的命運並為國家整體發展獻出力量。


Northern Thailand Chinese School Teacher Training and Student Aids

Starting 2018, CSCNACC collaborates with Caritas Taiwan to provide opportunities of education to the needy children in Northern Thailand. This program, continued since 1980 by Caritas Taiwan, has provided tuition for 1,200 students and salaries of 30 teachers. 12 students also received financial aids for enrollng in the schools in Taiwan.
「北美仁愛基金」於2018年度開始與「台灣明愛基金會」合作,資助泰北華校師資培育及認養學生教師。 「台灣明愛基金會」於 1980年開始走向泰北,關懷華校,迄今共資助了1,200 位學生的學費及30位教師的薪資, 12位學生獲赴台就讀助學金。

Dandelion Charity Scholarship

Founded in 1999, CSCNACC’s predecessor the Dandelion Charity Scholarship intends to provide funding to disadvantaged students in remote areas in China, including Hebei, Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Anhui, Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, etc., which is the largest program of CSCNACC.

「北美仁愛基金」的前身,「蒲公英仁愛基金」成立於1999年,對象為中國大陸偏遠地區的弱勢學生,包括河北,新疆,甘肅,山西,安徽,廣東, 貴州,陝西,海南等地區,是北美仁愛基金中最大,歷史最久之項目。

Scholarship for the Needy Minority Female Students in China

A collaborative program with China Jinde Charities, minority people are found mainly in the southwestern border provinces of China with limited resources due to geographical conditions. Families often suffer when disaster or illness strikes resulting the lack of schooling for their youngsters, especially the female offspring. This program will start in 2018 aiming at aiding 60 female students providing high school education.
「北美仁愛基金」與「河北進德公益基金會」的合作項目。西南雲貴區域因受自然條件的限制,疾病或突發事件導致很多家庭貧困, 再加上重男輕女的傳統陋習影響,少數民族的女生被迫輟學。本項目計畫於 2018 年資助 60名女生的學費,使她們能接受高中教育, 提高個人的素質和能力,改變命運。


George Cheng Vocation Scholarship

This memorial scholarship was established for Mr. George Cheng who dedicated his whole life to promote religious vocations. Funds mainly go to the XiAn Theological School in China where there are about 140 students and qualified teaching faculty but limited resources.
為紀念一向熱心支持大陸福傳和聖召培育的團員鄭繼宗先生, 目前主要是支持師資陣容堅強,修士,修女學生眾多(約140名),但經費 短缺的陝西西安神哲學院。

Rev. John Cheng, S.J. Memorial Lay Apostolate Scholarship

This memorial fund is named after Rev. John Cheng, SJ, the founder of the Christian Service Community. Funds which provide three-year full tuition go to the lay students at St. Robert Bellarmine Theology School of Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan.
為紀念基督服務團始創人鄭爵銘神父,在台灣輔仁大學聖博敏神學院大學部教義系或神學系成立三年全額獎學金(包含學費及生活費), 培養青年平信徒,增強其神學,神修之素養,為福傳及牧靈工作儲備人才。

Loyola University Chinese Bible Study

Chinese students at Loyola University have a chance to learn about the Bible on weekend gatherings, thanks to the volunteers from CSCNACC in Chicago. These Bible classes are also guided regularly by the Chinese priests and religious nuns on campus.
由於「北美仁愛基金」的義工及贊助者的支持,芝城羅耀拉大學的中國留學生,於每週末定期舉辦讀經班,並由該大學的中國神職及 修女列席輔導。

Boston College Chinese Students Services

Activities include monthly dinner party and special seminar on issues concerning foreign students in the US.
每月為中國留學生舉辦週末餐會及演講討論會, 並幫助解決留學生面臨的個人問題。


Greater New York Youth Summer Camp

For over two decades, volunteers of CSCNACC in the New York Metropolitan Area have organized youth summer camps for new immigrant Chinese youngsters residing in the inner-city urban areas. Campers spend a few days away from their home staying in cabins and learning skills such as wilderness survival, teamwork and leadership while having fun and making new friends. In recent years the leadership of the summer camp has gradually turned over to the campers of the earlier years, and they are teaching and mentoring a new generation of campers.
廿餘年來,大紐約區的「北美仁愛基金」的義工們舉辦華青夏令營,提供居住在大城市擁擠的環境,父母忙於生計的新移民子弟一個接觸大自然, 學習團隊精神,發揮領導才能,結交新朋友,健全身心發展的機會。近幾年來,此夏令營已漸漸交棒給早期年輕之營友,參與規劃與主持。

”Firemark” High School Lay Apostolate Summer Camp

“Firemark” is a Catholic youth camp self-organized by the ethnic Chinese Catholics in the Los Angeles area for high school students. The camp focuses on strengthening spiritual literacy, leadership, cooperation and teamwork.

Youth Leadership Training Fund

This fund starts in 2018 will provide tuition subsidies for youth of high schoolers to young adults to attend leadership training programs such as “Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics”, etc. Interested youth can apply at cscnacc@yahoo.com.
為鼓勵華裔青年參加領袖訓練課程,此基金將於 2018年接受申請,提供參加訓練之學費補助。有志者請向「北美仁愛基金」 cscnacc@yahoo.com 申請。